Based in London, UK, Maia Awada is an investigative journalist and TV presenter who holds a masters degree in Forensic Sciences.

She is also a forensic emergency consultant who provides disaster recovery services and victim identification.

Maia has contributed to numerous investigations including the investigation of the Afrin Hospital attack in Syria with the Airwars watchdog organisation in London, in addition to coverage of topics related to torture in prisons, sexual crimes in Lebanon, and violence against women in the Middle East. 

Maia has also worked as a TV presenter for Arabic media outlets where she edited and presented several political, social, and human rights related topics. 

Maya Awada

Basic information

Maia Awada
Investigative journalist/ TV presenter
Crime Investigation, Counterterrorism and Disaster Victim Identification
United Kingdom

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Exposing EU Country That Killed Libyan Civilians

  • Armed conflict
  • Justice

COPENHAGEN - Denmark dropped bombs in four key incidents in which civilians were reportedly killed or injured in the 2011 war that led to the overthrow of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, this investigation by Altinget and Airwars can reveal in partnership with the Guardian. 

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