Ludovica Jona is an Italian freelance investigative journalist and video maker. She has been project lead at various cross-border investigations tracking how European funds are spent, like "Invisible Borders" winner of Hostwriter story prize in 2019. Her work appeared on Il Fatto Quotidiano, L'Espresso, the tv program Report Rai, The Intercept and Mediapart.

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Ludovica Jona

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Behind The Pledge - How EU money is spent for Covid19 drugs

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BRUSSELS - How did we come to pay gold for a drug whose effectiveness has not been proven? This is the story of Remdesivir, a drug developed by the American company Gilead Sciences with large public funds to combat Ebola, and in July approved by the European Medicines Agency with "conditional authorisation" as the first antiviral against Covid 19.

The Loggin Business

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The price of energy from woody biomass.