Lila Karatasheva is an investigative reporter at the Investigative Reporting Lab. 

She has worked as a content creator on the Skopje24 website. In 2020, she starts working at IRL as a journalist – intern within the project for training future media leaders. Currently, Karatasheva is part of the IRL youth investigative team and reports on topics related to the effects of crime and corruption on the lives of citizens.

Lila Karatasheva

Basic information

Lila Karatasheva
Investigative journalist
North Macedonia

Supported projects

Vardar/Axios: A River in Distress

  • Environment

SKOPJE / THESSALONIKI -  Investigative teams from IRL in North Macedonia and Inside Story in Greece secured and analyzed thousand of pages of documents, interviewed tens of stakeholders and authorities and surveyed the Axios/Vardar basin and its facilities in order to identify the environmental pressures on the river and expose the reasons behind them.  

fishermen huts in the estuary near Chalastra in Greece