Katharina Finke is a German non-fiction book author and independent journalist.

She reports from different locations around the world. Her expertise beats are environmental challenges, human rights and gender issues. She works for print and online media, as well as German-language television. Her international stories have been published among others in Spiegel, taz and Zeit.

In 2016, her first non-fiction book "With the heart of a tigress" was published by Heyne, which deals with violence against women. In 2017, ‘LETTING GO – How I discovered the world and learned to let go’ was published and in 2021 and also released as a National Geographic Edition. "LETTING LIVE – About the courage to let go and discover the world as a family’, by Piper/Malik.

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Katharina Finke
Environmental challenges, human rights and gender issues

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Timber thugs

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BRUSSELS / ACCRA – The EU wanted to prevent further deforestation around the world with a new regulation on supply chains in the timber trade. But in Ghana it has the opposite effect.

Timber thugs Ghana