Jesper Nymark is the executive director & editor for the Danish investigative media and research center, Danwatch, that over the last ten years has produced award-winning in-depth journalism on global issues. 

Under his direction, Danwatch has conducted journalistic investigations that range from corruption, tax-heavens, investments, and shipping, to textile and food-production, as well as the agro-industry, especially in regards to companies', investors and states' activities, supply chain and impacts on human rights and the environment, etc.

The investigations have prompt political inquiries and hearings both national and international and have influenced policy changes at some of the biggest multinational companies.

The stories have been featured in The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Danish Broadcasting Corporation to local media. 


Basic information

Jesper Nymark
editing, business reporting

Supported projects

87% of the revenue from recycled clothing stays in Europe

  • Human Rights
  • Industry

COPENHAGEN - The international humanitarian organisation Humana runs a recycling business in Europe worth more than 100 million euros. However, only 13% of their earnings appear to end up in the developing world.


The Chlorpyrifos Case

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

BRUSSELS - Residues of Chlorpyrifos, a dangerous insecticide, have been found in fruit baskets and samples of human urine across Europe. This large, cross-border investigation unveils its risks for the public.