Jairo Marcos is a freelance reporter and photojournalist based in Spain. 

He was born in Burgos and he suffers from chronic curiosity. From time to time he tells stories with words and images. Precariousness, philosophy and journalism are the three vital horizons from where he asks his freelance (but not free) questions for different media outlets. He is the co/author of several books, he has worked with different organizations and he has taught at the public Spanish university.

J. Marcos enjoys secondary roads, sometimes with a following recognition award, among them, the Joan Gomis solidarity journalism award for his journalistic career regarding water issues.

Basic information

Jairo Marcos
Freelance journalist and photographer
water, human rights, energy, victims, memory, extractivism

Supported projects

Standing on the Shoulders of Citizens: Corporate Capture in Energy Communities

  • Energy
  • Environment

PAMPLONA / LISBON / BRUSSELS — Energy communities are a clean and democratic alternative entering the complex energy market. Through this model, citizens can take back the means of
energy production. This investigation looks into whether the citizen-led initiatives can fit into the market on par with the big suppliers.