Ian Cheibub (b.1999) is a visual storyteller based in Brazil.

In his work, Ian tries to understand what are the mechanisms that the people from the Global South develop to survive and how they empower their own narratives through cultural, political and social tools. As such, his areas of interest are related to human rights, religion and popular culture. He often covers human rights violations, environmental and social issues.

Ian currently works covering stories in Brazil for international media outlets. His photo and video works have also been published on National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, De Volkskrant, STERN, VICE, NRC, among other outlets.

Since 2019 Ian has been receiving multiple awards worldwide, including the Discovery Award at FotoRio International Festival in 2023, and BarTur awards in 2022 in categories Unity and Diversity, Climate Change and Photographer of the Year.


Ian Cheibub photographer storyteller Brazil

Basic information

Ian Cheibub
Photographer and journalist
Rio de Janeiro

Supported projects

Toxic gold - French Guiana's Illegal Mines

  • Environment
  • Industry

PARAMARIBO - The dream of gold is driving tens of thousands of Brazilians into the rainforest on the EU border between Suriname and French Guiana. They leave behind contaminated rivers and shattered illusions. Almost no one wins.

Suriname French Guyana gold mines