Hendrik Lehmann is the head of the Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab.

He is particularly interested in visual storytelling, data analysis and the development of new ways of collecting data in journalism. He is one of the journalists behind the projects Radmesser, Wem gehört Berlin? and Cities for Rent. He has been awarded the German Reporter Prize three times for his work in various research projects, as well as the Data Journalism Award 2020 (now Sigma Award), the Ernst Schneider Prize 2020 and the European Press Prize 2022. Hendrik studied Political Science at the FU Berlin and Urban and Digital Sociology at Goldsmiths College London.

Hendrik Lehmann

Basic information

Hendrik Lehmann
Head of the Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab
Data journalism, visual storytelling

Supported projects

Ground Control: Investigating Land ownership in European capitals

  • Corruption
  • Social affairs

EUROPE - Affordable housing is becoming scarce in European cities. 

Gaby Khazalová

Ghost debts

  • Finance

EU - Hundreds of thousands of evictions and people enchained to debt, while financial actors in tax havens as well as EU countries profit from a system that originally was created to stabilize banks. This is the result of an official EU policy on so called non-performing loans, that was adopted as a response to the global financial crisis.