Goele Vandenberghe (°1987) is a freelance Belgian journalist and videojournalist based in the Netherlands. 

Her stories focus mostly on exploitation, sustainability and animal welfare. She has published and lived in Taiwan, Spain and Suriname, in between working for different media in Belgium and the Netherlands. She obtained a master’s degree in audiovisual journalism and in comparative modern literature.

Goele Vandenberghe

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Goele Vandenberghe
Human rights, human trafficking

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Filipino, Turkish and Bangladeshi workers exploited in Antwerp port

  • Exploitation
  • Migration

ANTWERP - In the summer of 2022, 174 Filipino, Turkish and Bangladeshi workers were discovered to be working illegally at Antwerp port in Belgium. It was the biggest number of modern slaves discovered in the country. Newspapers called it an ‘unprecedented case.’ This story looks at the ordeal of exploited workers, the routes of trafficking between Asia into Belgium which many have fallen victim to.