Elisabetta Tola is an Italian journalist and science communicator.

Freelance chief editor at Il BO Live and presenter of Radio3Scienza at RAI Radio3.

Science and data journalist, Ph.D in Microbiology. Tow-Knight fellow 2019 Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY.

Co-founder of non-profit media centre Facta.eu and of science communication agency formicablu.

Co-author of international multimedia, data journalism and podcasts (Seedversity.org and SEED control; Hearing voices and Scorie a riposo, on nuclear waste; Climazionario - Il Bo Live; Schools 2.0, Hackers and Insert Coin, RAI Radio3). Author of the Handbook "Driving scientific research into journalistic reporting" (Lookout station project - European Forest Institute, 2018) and "Making sense of science stats" for the KSJ Science Editing Handbook, MIT 2020.

Co-author of “Semi ritrovati", un viaggio alla ricerca dell’agro-biodiversità" (Codice Ed. 2020). Author and voice of the podcasts Foresight - Deep into the future planet (CMCC 2023), Oltrenatura (Festivaletteratura, 2023), and She, green (Chora Media, Il Bo Live 2024). Voice and co-author of Museo dei futuri (RAI, Radio3 2024).

Elisabetta teaches data journalism, science communication and multimedia at the Masters in Science Communication at Sissa, Trieste, and other journalism schools.

She is also a co-founder of the iData research project, of the Hacks&Hackers Italian chapter, and founder of datajournalism.it, a web lab for data-driven stories and tutorials.

Elisabetta Tola

Basic information

Elisabetta Tola
Journalist and science communicator
Data journalism, science

Supported projects

Under the Surface: The Untold Crisis of European Groundwater

  • Data Journalism
  • Environment
  • Healthcare

PARIS / BRUSSELS / MADRID – Groundwater is the ecosystem Europe has always been able to rely on, and grew to consider an infinite resource. This cross-border investigation reveals that the current state of matters is dire: our water is disappearing and what remains is facing near-irreversible pollution.

Wasted Wetlands

  • Environment

WICKLOW / LONGFORD / CERVIA / ORISTANO / LOWER SAXONY – This investigation looked into how commercial interests backed by public money are decimating Europe’s remaining wetlands, as national authorities ignore this ongoing exploitation. 

The nuclear waste on the shaky ground

  • Environment
  • Politics

Nuclear waste in Croatia and Italy - this is the story of public interest and irresponsible politics.

Refugees: The Risk of Using Language as a Passport

  • Migration
  • Science

After crossing seas and walls, some asylum seeker arriving in Europe have to cross one more wired fence: one made of words.

Hearing Voices

  • Human Rights
  • Science

MADRID - What does the voice of a person reveal about his or her identity? Is it like DNA or fingerprint? How does the brain interpret voices? Are computers better than humans at doing it? Dozens of controversial judicial cases ring the alarm on the misuse of voices in courts.