Baron Nkoy is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker on economic and social development in the Democratic Republic of Congo and producer of the blog-magazine "Le reportage".

He uses this platform ( to address issues of poverty, social injustice, environment, economic inequality by giving voice to local people, community leaders, farmers, environmentalists and/or activists. Photography, podcasting and reporting (documentary) are the channels he uses for this.

Baron Nkoy

Basic information

Baron Nkoy
Journalist and documentary filmmaker
poverty, social injustice, environment and economic inequality
Congo - Kinshasa

Supported projects

Perenco's black oil in the DRC

  • Environment
  • Exploitation

MALELA - This investigation documents the company's environmental damage in a Mangrove natural park, foremost among which is its ground-level flaring, a practice that has been banned in the country since 2015, and which is the cause of very high CO2 emissions and very significant nuisance for agricultural activities, the main means of subsistence for the populations.