Balázs Tóth PhD (1979) works for the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and also as a private attorney.

Balázs Tóth PhD (1979) is a lawyer and journalist, who after graduating at a Law School in Hungary worked for the Ministry of Education. Since November 2004 he has been active in the NGO sphere as a lawyer, blogger and journalist.

As an attorney at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee the main tasks of Balázs Tóth are to contribute to national and international projects in the field of the monitoring police and penitentiary institutions, ethnic profiling, discrimination, effective defense and the rule of law; and preparing submissions to domestic and international human rights forums in defense of victims of human rights violations and representing them in all kinds of procedures.

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Balázs Tóth
Human rights, monitoring police and penitentiary institutions, ethnic profiling, discrimination

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