Ayse Turcan has been a freelance journalist for 4 years. She is mostly writing about politics in Switzerland, Europe and Latin America.

Her main interests are social injustices, human rights and postcolonial discourses. She mostly writes for the Swiss weekly WOZ. Die Wochenzeitung.
Before becoming a journalist she worked at the History Department of the University of Bern where she focused on the history of the Soviet Union and the Swiss workers movement. 

Ayse Turcan

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Ayse Turcan
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Toxic business: a tribute to progress

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LELESTI - For years they inhaled it. Former workers of the asbestos-cement factories in Romania worked without any protection against the toxic dust. Except a milk ratio. It was supposed to protect against cancer and toxicity, or so they believed during communism. Long privatized and shut down, the factories still have their marks on people’s lungs. The diseases appear decades after the exposure.