Audrey Travère is a freelance investigative journalist, based in Paris, France. Her main fields of expertise are multinationals' accountability abroad, organised crime and tech-related stories. 

She is now a regular collaborator to Radio France's Investigative Unit. Previously Audrey worked for the international consortium Forbidden Stories, where she produced several investigations on environmental pollution, international drug trafficking, spyware misuse and disinformation.

In 2021, Audrey won the 1st Prize at the Fetisov Award in the category "Outstanding Investigative Reporting" for her reporting on Mexican cartels' fentanyl trafficking operations.

Audrey Travère

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Audrey Travère
multinationals' accountability, organised crime, technology

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Rubber for Europe is fuelling environmental and human rights violations in Ghana and Nigeria

  • Environment
  • Human Rights

EDO/OKOMU – The journalists revealed that rubber and palm oil craze is a reason behind land grabbing, deforestation, and human rights violations in both Ghana and Nigeria. The French company Socfin's presence in southern Nigeria has caused host communities pain and rights violations, even if they mask it with well-oiled communication.

Ghana forests