Andrés Mourenza (A Coruña, 1984) is a Spanish journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey, since 2005.

He currently works as a correspondent for Spanish daily EL PAÍS and other Spanish media. 

During his career, Mourenza has reported from Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq and the Caucasus covering a wide range of topics, from armed conflicts and political crises to economic policies and its consequences.

Among his investigative journalism projects, migration has been one of his main focus. In 2020, he also published the book Sínora on the Greek-Turkish border as one of the gates for migrants and asylum seekers trying to get into the European Union.

Andrés Mourenza

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Andrés Mourenza
European politics, conflicts in the Middle East

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The bankers of irregular migration

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ERBIL/ISTANBUL/ATHENS - The complexity and dangers along migration routes to Europe —including the risk of being swindled by traffickers or robbed by security forces—, have increased the role of an informal banking system that works through “hawala”, a traditional money transfer system based on interpersonal trust