Alberto Campi is a freelance photojournalist based between Geneva, Switzerland and Grenoble, France.

An adept of «slow journalism», Alberto has been working as a freelancer since 2007. He’s Italian by birth, migrant by choice. Alberto worked a lot in the Alps and in the Balkan region. The member of We Report collective also was the correspondent for the Swiss monthly magazine La Cité.

Alberto is holding workshops on photographic language, participative photography, photojournalism and media literacy.

Alberto Campi

Basic information

Alberto Campi
Photographic language, participative photography and media literacy

Supported projects

Dirty Sky: The Private Jets Dilemma

  • Energy
  • Environment

PARIS - An in-depth investigation of the We Report network looked in the cockpit of the privatised airplane industry. Behind the scenes, the polluting footprint of a few rich is infinite. the dark side of the European bottled water industry

  • Environment
  • Industry

VOLVIC - An in-depth investigation of the We Report network uncovers the dark side of the bottled water business in Europe, where the market is dominated by multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Danone.