ROLLE - Who's next? That's the question on everyone's lips. For over three years, not a week has passed without the media reporting a hacking incident. Cyber hackers have never been so powerful. They are everywhere, looking for human error and technical flaws in our hyper-connected world.

When they break into our computer systems, they encrypt our data, steal it and display it on the darknet if the ransom is not paid. According to American experts, in 2021, the total cost of cybercrime has exceeded 6,000 billion dollars.

Today, no one seems to be safe. Hackers do not hesitate to violate people's privacy and even risk their victims' lives. They target businesses, government departments, schools, and even hospitals. A retired couple, a businessman, the mayor of a local authority, and users of a gay dating site tell us how cybercriminals have disrupted and even ruined their lives.

Team members

Sabine Pirolt

Sabine Pirolt is a journalist based in Switzerland.

Sabine Pirolt

Matteo Born

Matteo Born is a documentary maker based in Switzerland.

Matteo Born

Eva Laloum

Eva Laloum is an investigative journalist based in Israel.

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