The Föreningen Grävande journalisters' annual seminar is the largest and most popular conference for Swedish journalists. It brings together media professionals from Sweden and other countries to learn more about investigative journalism and to exchange experiences.

"Grävseminariet" has been organised since 1989 and attracts between 500 and 700 people every year.

During the seminar, Sweden's most prestigious digging prize - the 'Guldspaden' - is awarded in a number of categories.

The prize is awarded by the FGJ to journalists working in the Swedish media who, through committed and knowledgeable journalism, have uncovered or portrayed significant facts that the public has not been aware of. The investigation must be an original work, carried out independently.

An independent jury will judge the entries submitted. The winners will receive a bronze statuette by the artist Mats Lodén.

The award ceremony will take place in conjunction with the Graves Seminar and the Guldspaden Gala.

You can read more about the nomination deadlines for submitting entries here: https://www.gravseminariet.se/om-grav


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