ACCRA — Africa produces less than 4% of the greenhouse gases that are thought to lead to climate change, and yet continental Africa is expected to be the most affected by climate change.

This project explores how well organised the continent is in ensuring that its voice is heard within the halls of the COP meetings. What are the dynamics? What are the issues? And where are the sticking points? 

It is a story that in many ways reflects Africa’s difficulty in presenting a common vision that can face up to the ever-shifting tectonic plates of global geo-politics; and the gulf that exists between those skilfully negotiating at the highest level and the ordinary people who wonder if they will ever see any benefit.

The team comprises the staff of a long-established London-based publication providing Africa wide political, economic and security analysis;  staff from Africa’s most prominent media training NGO based in Ghana; and the award winning senior environmental correspondent from a respected Kenyan newspaper. It has enabled us to ‘look wide, but dive deep’. 

Team members

Caroline Chebet

Caroline Chebet is a Kenyan investigative environmental journalist.

Caroline Chebet

Tim Concannon

Tim Concannon is a freelance journalist who’s written about Nigeria and Africa’s environment for 25 years

Tim Concannon

Bryan Pearson

Bryan is a journalist and editor who splits his time between Cambridge in the UK and Ghana. 

Bryan Pearson

Jerry Sam

Jerry Sam is a senior journalist and a local governance expert.

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is Editorial Director of Africa Confidential. He specialises in political and economic risk in Africa.



Established on 18th July 2001; leaders in new media & innovations, tech & good governance, and extractive sector oversight

Africa Confidential

Africa Confidential is one of the longest-established specialist publications on Africa, with a considerable reputation for being first with in-depth news and analysis on significant political, economic and security developments across the continent.

Africa Confidential

Gabriele Crescente

Gabriele Crescente is Europe and environment editor at Italian weekly Internazionale.

Gabriele Crescente

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