ODEMIRA - Changing migration patterns mean that more Nepalis are now travelling to western Europe via dangerous, illegal routes in the hopes of obtaining residence in a European country like Portugal. 

Recent policy changes allow any migrant workers to get regularized in Portugal as long as they follow the due process once they enter its border, irrespective of the means or routes they use to get there.

As a result, the number of migrants from countries like Nepal in Portugal has increased significantly in recent years. And many of them are paying upwards of 10,000 euros, and some of them even walk all the way from Croatia, crossing through to Slovenia and Italy to eventually reach Portugal. 

But because there is so little information about new job markets in Europe and the fact that Nepal doesn’t have bilateral agreements with the countries Nepalis are heading to, the journey is dangerous, uncertain, and comes at a hefty price. 

And even once they reach countries in western Europe, there are more obstacles awaiting them, from getting fair pay and decent working conditions to overcoming language barriers. 

Photo image: Bhrikuti Rai

This project has been longlisted for the One World Media Awards 2024 in the category of Podcast & Radio Award. 

This project has won the German-Portuguese Journalism Award 2024 in the Print/Digital category. 

Team members

Bhrikuti Rai

Bhrikuti Rai is an award-winning Nepali journalist. 

Bhrikuti Rai

Fabian Federl

Fabian Federl is a Franco-German foreign reporter.

Fabian Federl
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