BRUSSELS - How Nigerian girls are forced into Belgian prostitution. In 2018, 21-year-old Eunice Osayande is murdered on the streets of Brussels. The Nigerian woman was smuggled into Belgium with the false promise of becoming a hairdresser here and having a better life than in Nigeria.

Eventually, she is forced into prostitution and has to pay off a huge debt. This is the story of about 20,000 Nigerian women every year and has been since the 1990s. Who are these women? Why do they leave Nigeria? And what happens once they end up in Europe?

Team members

Lara Richir

Lara Richir is a freelance editor, researcher and videographer.

Lara Richir

Ellen Boonen

Ellen Boonen is a producer/reporter at the political magazine POLITICO Europe.

Ellen Boonen

Michelle Peters

Michelle Peters is an Antwerp-based storyteller with a big passion for film and television.

Michelle Peters
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  • Eunice Street, Canvas, 25/03/2023.

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