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Local Cross-Border Journalism Grant Programme is organising pre-application meeting to help eligible professional journalists with their applications and proposals.

Naipanoi Lepapa Journalist of the Year in Kenya


NAIROBI - Naipanoi Lepapa was among the journalists awarded during the 2022 Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA) held in Nairobi on Friday, May 6.

Contextualise your environmental story

Contextualise Your Environmental Story


BRUSSELS - Understand the global context to shape your local environmental story and link your story to the global climate change challenges.

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Your City, Your Story, Local Voices


BRUSSELS - Application form is now open for the new European Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme which aims to strengthen local investigative journalism.


Safety and Security - Training Programme


ONLINE - GIJN has partnered with the London-based Centre for Investigative Journalism and the Freedom of the Press Foundation to offer a unique safety and security training program specifically tailored for investigative journalists and others in watchdog newsrooms. It will be delivered online through hands-on practical training sessions with some of the world’s leading journalism safety trainers.

Eastern European Independent Journalist Fund

Eastern European Independent Journalist Fund


PRAGUE - Local independent journalism, the most important source of truth in times of war, is today literally hanging by a thread not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and Belarus.

Oxpeckers #WildEye Project Launch


NELSPRUIT - As part of the Enabling Services Grant Programme for Environmental Journalism, supports Oxpeckers for a project aiming at building the capacities of five environmental data journalists based in Europe.

Cross-border Local

Four organisations joining forces to strengthen cross-border, local journalism


BRUSSELS - Four European organisations are joining forces to strengthen cross-border, local investigative journalism in Europe through “Cross-border Local”, which officially launched at 1 March 2022. is hiring is hiring a Project Coordinator


BRUSSELS - For its European "Cross-border local" programme, is hiring a Project Coordinator.