BRUSSELS - Journalismfund Europe provides support for its grantees to present their investigation and share their experience and knowledge with colleagues at conferences, trainings, webinars or other journalistic events.

Grantees of the European Cross-Border Grant programme and Earth Investigations Grant programme (one scholarship per team per event) who already published their supported investigation and who are invited to present their project at conferences, trainings, webinars or other journalistic events.

Up to €1.250 per person, to cover registration fees, hotel and travel expenses. The costs will be refunded after we have received the proof of the expenses.

How to apply?
Send your proposal (budget, name and place of the conference, date, ...) by email to info [at] journalismfund.eu

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will receive a decision within two weeks upon receipt of the proposal. Don't wait and apply now.

Have a look at our agenda for upcoming conferences and seminars.

Scholarships for Journalismfund grantees