MANILA - Journalismfund.eu’s in-person Modern Slavery Unveiled training took place in Manila from the 21 to 25 November, 2022. Journalism for Nation Building Foundation (JNBF) and Rappler were the local organisers of the 5-day training for Southeast Asian journalists and civil society organisations on modern slavery reportage.

The 30 participants were composed of 24 journalists and 6 CSO representatives. The attendees came from different countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The training also counted with the participation of 16 trainers who were journalists, Civil Society Representatives, and experts on human trafficking.

During the first day, participants were introduced to the modern slavery scenario and the vulnerabilities of possible victims in general. The second day was focused on the journalism landscape where some examples of investigations on human trafficking were shared and discussed. Speakers also emphasized the importance of collaboration between journalists and civil society groups. For the third day, senior editors from Rappler shared specific and essential tips to start an investigation and tools for research and data-gathering on social media. The last two days were dedicated to assisting the participants in preparing pitches that could be the beginning of interesting investigative stories. Journalismfund.eu shared information about how to apply for and get grants for cross-border collaborative investigations. 

To finish the training week, Rappler opened its doors to the participants to get to know the newsroom and learn more about its work driven by uncompromising journalism, enabled by technology, and enriched by communities of action. 

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BRUSSELS - Based on what journalists discover, reveal and expose; readers, listeners, viewers, aid organisations, and policymakers can then start doing what they each do best to fight those abuses. The following examples illustrate how the stories made with the support of Journalismfund.eu and published during 2022 had an impact on the issues they addressed.

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