Pigs have had a close connection to humans since prehistoric times. Over the centuries, stories, rules and legends have given the animal a profound meaning. It is a symbol of uncleanness, for the 'beast' hidden inside of us, a source of food, a bone of contention in discussions. This animal signifies both passion and rejection. And that says a lot about mankind.

How we deal with pigs throughout history reveals a lot about mankind. Filmmaker and storyteller Jan Vromman undertakes a journey that starts in his childhood and his birthplace and that takes him across the world, from Spain to China, and through history. He visits a lab, a physics museum, a slaughterhouse, a bio farm, pig farms, an imaginary museum of the pig, a meat processing factory, a hunting ground. The intimate accompanies the universal. Director Jan Vromman was born in Wingene, a village with more pigs than people. Due to a lack of agricultural areas, people focused on livestock farming. He grew up among pigs and the animals have always fascinated him. In his philosophical documentary The History of the Pig he investigates the deep bond between man and pig.

€ 10,000 allocated in 2008.


  • De geschiedenis van het varken (in ons) - 2017



  • Filmer A Tout Prix, Brussels (30/11/2017)
  • Docville, Leuven (27/03/2018)
  • Visions du Réel, Nyon (14 & 19/ 04/2018)
  • European Film Festival, Palić /Serbia (20/07/2018)
  • 8th Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, São Paulo, Brazil (01/06, 02/06 & 10/06 2019)
  • 15th Kino Otok IFF, Slovenia (09/6 Izola, 10/06 Ljubljana, 2019)

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