In Echo, named after the poem 'Echoes' by Audre Lorde, Neske Beks mercilessly puts her finger on the sore spot. Not only is the white view still dominant in our society, but Black women are doubly disadvantaged: they are not white and they are not men.

In her meandering, personal essays, speeches and letters, Beks shows how systematic is the failure to be seen and heard. While Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and Gloria Wekker echo in her head, Beks rubs salt in the wounds - always with the aim of building a bridge between Black and White, and to make the Black female voice sound crystal clear.


€ 3.150 allocated on 21/12/2017.


  • Language: Dutch
  • Date of publication: October 2021
  • Pages:224
  • Editor: Querido
  • EAN: EAN 9789021429762


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