RIGA - On April 27-28, 2023, media trainings in Riga ended on a positive note after the final project presentations and graduation ceremony.

In total, 18 media business plans and concepts were developed during the programme and presented to the group of experts. During their final project presentations, programme participants received honest and invaluable feedback from a panel of international experts. They also received additional suggestions for improvements and were introduced to potential partnership prospects through valuable contacts.

The panel of experts included Tom Trewinnard (Programme Director), Gulnara Akhundova (Head of International Media Support), Ides Debruyne (Managing Director, Journalismfund Europe). The final project presentations were evaluated based on the following criteria – innovation, feasibility, impact, sustainability, capacity, transparency and alignment with the Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme idea and priorities.

Gulnara Akhundova expressed her opinion that “I could not be more grateful to the organisers on this initiative. The course is very relevant as it challenges the media managers, pushes them out of their comfort zones, makes them ponder and self-reflect – all to approach media as a business. This is exactly what I have experienced being part of the advisory panel. The level of engagement, solidarity and appreciation of each other challenges and exchange of experience towards innovative solutions was very high.

As a result of the training programme 19 participants received their Certificates of Completion of Sustainability and Media Management Programme from the Centre for Media Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Congratulations to all the graduates but our deepest gratitude goes to all the programme faculty members for their hard work, knowledge and support during four modules of the Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme.

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Children wrongly put up for adoption

Human Rights Organisations Call on Cabinet: Stop Adoptions Immediately


THE HAGUE - A group of children's rights and advocacy organisations is calling on outgoing minister Weerwind (Legal Protection, D66) to also stop ongoing adoption procedures with immediate effect. They are doing this in response to reports by Investico and TV programme Zembla. According to the group, it is "completely irresponsible" to finalise the ongoing procedures.