SWINOUJSCIE –  What are the implications of building a deep-sea container terminal on the German-Polish border in the middle of nature conservation areas? The investigation reveals that the environmental risks of this project are largely underestimated. 

The Polish government is pushing to develop a deep-sea container terminal within a protected nature reserve in Świnoujście, arguing that potential economic gains justify the environmental impact.

Activists in both Poland and neighbouring Germany have opposed the project for years. They predict harmful ecological effects, further deterioration of an already fragile landscape, and an increase in pollution, odour, and noise. They also worry that the project will drive away tourists.

Although the European Commission approved the plans, citing imperative reasons of overriding public interest, our research suggests this decision should be viewed with scepticism. The project is characterised by economic uncertainty, controversies surrounding the port company managing the project, and an underestimation of the environmental impact.

Team members

Agata Pyka

Agata Pyka is an assistant editor at Notes from Poland.

Agata Pyka

Lena Bäunker

Lena Bäunker is a German freelance journalist based in the Netherlands.


Juliana Ruhfus

Juliana Ruhfus is an award-winning broadcaster and investigative journalist based in the UK.

Juliana Ruhfus
€11,400 allocated on 23/11/2023



  • Germany
  • Poland

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