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Worthy of the Crown

Yemi Oduwale, a flemish boy born in '86, has a Belgian mother and a Nigerian father. His grandfather is ill, and he wants Yemi to succeed him as a 'chief' in Nigeria. But Yemi is born and raised in Europe and doesn't know anything about the culture of the Yoruba, one of West-Africa's largest tribes. Besides, it's been more than 15 years ago since he was in Nigeria for the last time.

Media and Politics

  • Journalism & Media
  • Politics

BELGIUM - What do politicians think about media and political reporting? In recent months, Apache.be has spoken with the party chairmen of the liberal party Open VLD, the Christian democratic party CD&V, the socialist party Sp.a and the green party Groen and with various media specialists and communication staff of those parties.

Back to Timbuktu

MALI -  In comic strips Timbuktu is the end of the world, and the Tuareg who live there have been attracting westerners for centuries. With minimal means they survive in the Sahara, heroically fighting the colonial occupation. Volkswagen named a car after them.

The E-Cigarette Lobby

  • Healthcare
  • Science

The e-cigarette is a new, controversial and booming device. Manufacturers are racing to become the biggest in the market. What is the truth behind the device, and why is the tobacco industry looming to take over? An investigation into the politics, lobbying strategies and profits behind the e-cigarette.

Climate change on holiday

The term climate change usually conjures up images of melting glaciers, rising sea levels and outsize hailstones. But what will be its impact on life on Earth? Science journalist Tim Vernimmen interviewed scientists in Southern Europe who document species' gradually shifting comfort zones.

Burmese Spring

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

MYANMAR - What nobody expected happened anyway. The army in Myanmar (formerly Burma) initiated a transition that had to transform one of the world's oldest dictatorships into a democracy. After fifty years of repression, a new constitution was drawn up and democratic elections were held. Western diplomats and companies plunged directly into the reborn Southeast Asian nation.

Black Diamond

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Justice
  • Organised crime

Smuggling, fraud and tax evasion have been the order of the day in the diamond business in Antwerp for decades. The diamond merchants in the 'Square Mile' are living in a vacuum, in a social and judicial bubble that is sustained in part because of the cooperation of politicians and magistrates.


  • Youth
  • Human Rights
  • Sport

Far removed from the stadiums and the sports industry, this series portrays Brazilian fanatics. We meet people who are part of the real popular culture of the Brazilian Futebol.

Our Europe is different from theirs

Europe is not doing well. At least, that is what we would say if we would talk about it at all. Because we rarely mention our continent, let alone discuss it in detail. Europe, that's what's going on above our heads. We don't care. Europe costs us too much and dictates too much.

Egyptian Sweets

  • Armed conflict
  • Youth
  • Human Rights
  • Education

Three years after the revolution daily life in Egypt is finally, slowly, resuming its pace. How do you continue after the initial euphoria fades away and a stone-cold reality looks you dead in the face? The young Flemish journalist Annabell Van den Berghe takes us along through her Cairo, the city where she studied and where she still often spends weeks or months for her job.