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Emerging Energy Cooperatives: Bright Future or Great Failure?

  • Energy
  • Environment

WARSAW - Dreams of growing megawatts like tomatoes on a windowsill. Will energy cooperatives give power to the people?

Silviu Matei

Grabbing Profit from Forgotten Lands

  • Corruption
  • Environment

TARANTO - "When you offer a farmer 10,000 euros for a piece of land, it is like a godsend."

Rea Nefeli Tzanetakou

How Europe Co-financed Sudan’s Notorious Paramilitary Group

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption

EUROPE/SUDAN - This series of investigative reports looks at a private security company belonging to the RSF shadow economy and at its clients – European and Western embassies, aid and developmental organizations.

Route of Fertilizers from Belarus to the EU

  • Corruption
  • Environment

MINSK - The investigation shows how Grodno Azot circumvents sanctions by passing off its products as Uzbek (Uzbek-made?), as well as by using new intermediary companies.


Family Challenges: When Children Leave Far Away

  • Migration

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA/MONTENEGRO/SERBIA - How parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia deal with the daily challenges of separation after their children leave the country. 

Hilma Unkic

No Man's Land: Digging for water on the front lines of climate collapse

  • Corruption
  • Environment

ODEMIRA - Faced with poor water management, locals in Portugal, Greece and Romania struggle to keep their farmlands and financially survive, and often resort to extreme solutions to find usable water. Meanwhile local authorities allow big companies to use water irrigation methods that can pose a threat to the nearby communities, the natural habitat and the presence of water in the area as such.

dry lands portugal

How 'green' investments are financing big carbon

  • Energy
  • Environment

MILAN - Asset management companies in Europe are using semantic tricks and regulatory loopholes to sell 'green' investments that actually fund the hydrocarbon industry. Italy's Eurizon, a subsidiary of Intesa SanPaolo, is a case in point. 

Football Club Cyber Slavery

  • Exploitation
  • Organised crime

EUROPE - Elite European football has been overrun with advertisements for Asian betting brands in recent years, despite many of these companies being connected to major organised crime figures.

Jack Kerr

The Turów Case: Lost Opportunity for a Just Energy Transition

  • Environment
  • Social affairs

PRAGUE - The series of investigative reports deals with the story of the Czech-Polish conflict about the future of the Turów mine in the border region of both countries, put in a wider historical and social context.

📷 Petr Vodička

Asylum Seekers in the Age of Offshoring: Shrinking Space for Human Rights Protection

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

LONDON/BERLIN/COPENHAGEN - In the not-so-distant past, the concept of offshore immigration policies, which involve shifting the responsibility of processing asylum claims to a different country, was largely associated with populist far-right ideologies.

Natasha Phang Lee