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Lucifer's Spell

  • Environment

SARDINIA - EVIA - The Mediterranean basin is a hotspot of the climate crisis, with average temperatures rising above global trends. Heat waves, droughts and a combination of anthropogenic factors are provoking new generations of wildfires that are devastating for ecosystems and for human societies.

The nuclear waste on the shaky ground

  • Environment
  • Politics

Nuclear waste in Croatia and Italy - this is the story of public interest and irresponsible politics.


  • Human Rights
  • Politics

ORANIA - Until thirty years ago, white Afrikaners dominated South Africa, today they feel like a threatened minority. The monopoly on agricultural land is disappearing, their culture is under pressure and many feel unsafe in the big cities. More and more Afrikaners are turning their backs on the rainbow nation. In Orania, the country's most contested village, they want to preserve their identity.

#WildEye Europe Training and Professional Support Programme

  • Data Journalism
  • Environment

NELSPRUIT - Oxpeckers is implementing a project focusing on capacity development and professional support of environmental data journalists based in Europe.

Two Danish power plants pollute Lebanese tourist gems

BEIRUT - In the last decade, Denmark has promoted itself as a green frontrunner. But the investigation shows how Denmark is not only exporting windmills and green know-how, it has also supported and built polluting power plants outside its own borders. 

The children of Eastern Congo

KINSHASA - The Children of Eastern Congo tells the story of two young people from the same region around Goma: child soldier Isaac and activist Rebecca. The first was barely thirteen when he became a kadogo, a recruit of rebel leader Laurent Kabila. The latter was once the youngest political prisoner when she stood up with other youth activists against Kabila's policy. Why did one choose the weapons and the other the words? Did they stay true to their mission? How universal is their story? 

Do we all breathe the same air?

  • Environment
  • Politics
  • Social affairs

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental risks affecting health. According to WHO, it causes up to 7 million premature deaths worldwide per year and around 379.000 in the EU and the United-Kingdom. One might think that we all breathe the same air and all face those risks, but we don't.

Civil society in Israel and Palestine

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics
  • Religion

JERUSALEM - The grounds around the Al-Aqsa Mosque are probably the most explosive powder keg of Israel and indeed the entire Middle East at the moment. The shrine in East Jerusalem has been the scene of violent clashes between Israeli riot police and Palestinian worshippers in recent weeks. But there is more going on than a religious conflict.

Women under attack in the Balkans

  • Equality
  • Human Rights

Women are losing rights everywhere in South-East Europe, first of all the right of abortion, but a new feminist movement is rising. 

The Exploitation of Copper Mines in Zambia

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Industry

LUSAKA - Zambia is blessed with abundant natural resources, coupled with its strategic geographical location as a land locked nation in the southern part of Africa. From the inception, Zambia has largely depended on copper and other minerals. Copper production has contributed highly to Zambia's economic growth, though not up to the expectation of many citizens.