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The end of Burundi's Balkan route

  • Corruption
  • Trafficking
  • Human Rights

GITEGA - The Burundi Balkan Route offered several thousand Burundians a way out of their homeland in crisis in 2022.

Shell continues with oil pollution in the Niger Delta

  • Environment
  • Exploitation

OGONILAND - This investigation exposed the negative effects of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria – a subsidiary of Shell Plc, oil pipeline pollution in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta, which has resulted in the loss of several aquatic species and the deterioration of the ecosystem.

Toxic pesticides. Banned in Europe, dumped in Africa

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Industry

ACCRA - This investigation puts the spotlight on the use of banned pesticides from Europe in rubber farms in Ghana and other regions across the world, while European development banks, the main funder of such projects turn a blind eye to the environmental, health and safety concerns.

The bankers of irregular migration

  • Finance
  • Migration

ERBIL/ISTANBUL/ATHENS - The complexity and dangers along migration routes to Europe —including the risk of being swindled by traffickers or robbed by security forces—, have increased the role of an informal banking system that works through “hawala”, a traditional money transfer system based on interpersonal trust

The price of oil

  • Environment

BASRA - In Iraq, one of the world’s driest and poorest countries, Western oil companies are exacerbating water shortages as they make record profits exporting alternatives to Russian oil in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

Dirty Deals: Illegal waste trade between Germany and Czech Republic

  • Environment
  • Organised crime

PRAGUE - Waste is illegally imported to the Czech Republic. Both the competent state authorities and representatives of NGOs agree that this is a serious and not well studied problem.

Bosnia’s wood barons

  • Environment

SARAJEVO - Around half of Bosnia-Herzegovina is covered by forests and wood is one of the Balkan country’s most valuable natural resources. But instead of developing the nation, some politicians and private companies enrich themselves with the profits of the ‘green gold’. Forests are cut down for private interests and governments and companies in Western-Europe close their eyes to gain cheap wood. 

Balkans: a deadly coal dependency

  • Energy
  • Environment

TUZLA - According to studies, the 18 coal power plants in the Western Balkans (WB) are responsible for more pollution than the 221 coal power plants still active in the European Union.

Victims of female genital mutilation

  • Healthcare
  • Religion

BRUSSELS- What prevents a woman with FGM from going to the doctor? While there are more and more survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) living in Belgium, strikingly very few visit the healthcare centres for women with FGM in the country. Through an in-depth investigation, this project aims to better understand the reasons and meanings of this discrepancy as well as it brings the needs and experiences of these women to the centre of the conversation. 

Timber 2.0. Bypassing Sanctions

  • Corruption
  • Environment
  • Industry

MINSK - Belarusian goods are attacking Europe despite the bans of Brussels.