MADRID - Amazon boasts about having 15 photovoltaic solar plants in Spain to supply energy to its workplaces.

The company aims to achieve that 100% of the energy that it needs will come from renewable sources by 2025. 

In one of its latest press releases, this American multinational says that 'Amazon exceeds 1.5 GW of renewable capacity in Spain with two new solar and wind projects'. In this way, the company suggests that the projects are of its own.

La Marea has investigated the three photovoltaic plants that are already producing energy for Amazon. We have discovered that none of them really belongs to this company, though all this greenwashing propaganda: the company is simply buying renewable energy. 

Our outlet has investigated the environmental problems caused by these facilities, the strategies used by their promoters to obtain administrative permissions (like chopping up projects to avoid the central administration control) and the speculation surrounding the renewable energy business.

📷 La Marea - Solar plant that supplies Amazon in the municipality of Almochuel, in Zaragoza (Aragón).

Team members

Dani Domínguez

Dani Domínguez has been working at La Marea since 2019.

Dani Domínguez

Óscar F. Civieta

Óscar F. Civieta was a fellow at Radio Exterior de España and Aragón Press.

Óscar F. Civieta

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