NAIROBI - Kenya's attorney general's office opened a corruption and fraud investigation in 2019. The dams were supposed to bring water and electricity. Nothing is left at the site.

This is the first episode of a series about a corruption saga in Africa. Involved in the case is the Cabinet Secretary of Treasury Henry Rotich and one of the biggest construction companies in Italy, CMC.

The company is now under bankruptcy proceeding after an agreement with the Court of Ravenna. But the investigation in Kenya has been hijacked by the political conflict for the next elections in Kenya which will take place soon.  

Photo credit: idfied/Shutterstock

Team members

Lorenzo Bagnoli

Lorenzo Bagnoli is co-director, journalist, editor and coordinator of international projects at IrpiMedia.

Lorenzo Bagnoli

John Githongo

John Githongo is an investigative journalist from Kenya.

John Githongo

Dauti Kahura Ndung’u

Dauti Kahura is writer and journalist from Nairobi, Kenya.

Dauti Kahura
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