In April 2015 it will have been exactly five years since the start of the scandal involving Bruges bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who was accused of having sexually abused several children. In the book Through my fault Machteld Libert, journalist for Flemish public broadcaster VRT, investigates how sexual abuse in the Church could have happened.

How could priests and clergymen, people of confidence and moral leaders, have assaulted children? Libert judged that nobody could answer that question better than the people involved. She listened to them and took note, but, moreover, she looked them in the eyes. Through my fault is an investigation into culpability, absolution by the authorities and the undeserved feeling of guilt of the victims. And what about the guilt of an entire society that was blind to what was going on in silent dormitories and chambers.

Team members

Machteld Libert

Machteld Libert is a crime and court journalist for Flemish public broadcaster VRT. In her successful book Ik heb een mens vermoord (I killed a man) (2009) she looked into the minds of three murderers. In 2011 she analysed the psyche of a serial killer in Ronald Janssen. Een mens een monster (Ronald Janssen. A man a monster).

A working grant of € 5,000 allocated on 15/09/2014.

Title: Door mijn schuld
Subtitle: Seksueel misbruik in de kerk. Betrokkenen getuigen.
Author: Machteld Libert
Publisher: Manteau
ISBN: 9789022331224
Pages: 320
Price: €22,5
Date of publication: 15 April 2015


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