BRUSSELS - We call them transmigrants. Also known as 'illegals'. Almost a swear word. Caroline van Gastel and Saar Van Eyck shed light on the harsh daily reality of a number of young women in Brussels. They come from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan where the regime oppresses the population and conflicts between communities are fought violently. The people can barely survive. They have to leave family and children behind in search of work. When they will see them again, nobody knows.

For a year Caroline and Saar followed these women in the Sister's House, a night shelter and emergency shelter for female refugees in Brussels. It was founded by citizens who show solidarity and offer these women shelter for the time of a night, a meal, a shower. Away from the street life to which they are condemned by the absence of a real European migration policy. They come before the camera for the first time.


Team members

Saar Van Eyck

Saar Van Eyck is a Belgian documentary maker and reporter.

€3.100 allocated on 16/12/2019.


Thank God I'm in Europe, Vranckx/De Nomaden, Canvas (Belgian national broadcaster), 6/06/2020. (in Dutch)

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