ANTWERPEN - After images of her were non-stop circulating online, 13-year-old Destiny took her own life. For her, it was the only way out of all the judgements and hurtful comments. In a physical murder, the killer is visible. But who is to blame when everyone online has participated in the murder of your child?

Why are likes so important? Why do we still believe everything we see online? And why do we feel like we're still behind after hours of scrolling? The documentary 'Social Issues' tries to answer these questions by looking at the dangers of social media and the root cause of all those additional feelings.

Because what you see on social media is by no means all splendour. Social Issues gives us an insight into the inner conflict we have with social media. And offers us a new perspective on how we can deal with these platforms in the future.


€ 1.000 allocated on 25/08/2020.


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