BUDAPEST - There she is, the granddaughter: in Budapest, in front of her grandfather, who died suddenly five days ago. None of his three daughters, who all live in Flanders, travel to Hungary. From one moment to the next, the granddaughter, who has loved her grandfather, takes over the honours.

In a foreign city and in a foreign language she has to arrange all sorts of things. It is the beginning of a search for the past of her grandfather, who fled Hungary in 1956, built a life in Belgium, founded mini football, divorced his wife and returned to Hungary in 1996. It is also the ruin of the grandfather, a tyrant to his family. And gradually the granddaughter finds out that in 1956 in Budapest he did not fulfill the heroic role that he was so proud of. The last years of his life were marked by suspicion, delusions, obsessions – making the revelation of his past all the more urgent. Relentless, driven by a passion for the truth, however painful, the granddaughter digs deeper and deeper - and encounters increasingly painful events...

Team members

Annabell Van den Berghe

Annabell Van den Berghe (Belgium) studied Arabic language and has been working from Cairo since 2009. 

€ 15.475 allocated on 1/12/2017.


  • Language: Dutch
  • Date of publication: 7 oktober 2021
  • Number of pages: 200 
  • Editor: Manteau
  • EAN: 9789022334324


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