KYIV - Internews Ukraine (IUA) team has completed the implementation of the a project aimed to increase the awareness of the public and decision-makers in Ukraine and Europe about ecological issues emerging as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Through a short-term training program and Small grant program, the IUA team facilitated the coverage of warfare ecology issues by Ukrainian journalists, partly leaning on the investigative genre and solution-based journalism.

As a result of this Program, 50 regional journalists participated in the training sessions and 25 materials were produced and published, drawing much-needed attention to ecological issues in Ukraine during the war. These materials contributed to creating a base for future investigations of the effects of Russia’s invasion on the environment of Ukraine.

In addition, five materials were translated into English and published on the UkraineWorld platform to reach audiences in other countries. 

About the organisation

Internews Ukraine is one of the biggest agencies in Ukraine's non-governmental sector. Established in 1996, it has been working tirelessly to implement projects that strengthen the professional capacities of media organizations, increase media literacy, support social journalism, new media, and media rights. One of the key directions of the organization’s work is in the sphere of communications, specifically implementation of informational campaigns on social issues, media production, PR and communications support, trainings and consulting. IUA’s mission lies in strengthening European values in Ukraine through developing its media sector.

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