MANILA - “Immunity & Impunity: How Diplomats Get Away with Exploiting Domestic Workers” is a multi-country, multimedia investigative series that examines how diplomats exploit their foreign domestic workers and escape prosecution because of diplomatic immunity. It also reveals the complicity of sending countries in protecting diplomats implicated in domestic trafficking and exploitation.

Foreign diplomats and employees of international organizations are getting away with exploiting their domestic workers because of their diplomatic immunity status. Under the Vienna Convention, diplomatic immunity protects diplomats and employees of international organizations from being sued, arrested, or detained while in their receiving country.

In addition to field reporting across Europe and the Philippines, the report series will use digital forensics and open-source intelligence techniques to gather open-source data and expose the extent of exploitation of household domestic staff. 

This investigative report series will be published on Rappler and Al Jazeera-Europe.

©Nicolas Dupraz/Al Jazeera

Team members

Ana P. Santos

Ana P. Santos is an investigative journalist who reports on the intersections of gender,  sexuality, and migration rights.

Michelle Abad

Michelle Abad is a multimedia reporter at Rappler. She writes about overseas Filipinos, the rights of women and children, and labour. 

Pauline Macaraeg

Pauline Macaraeg is a digital forensics researcher for Rappler. 


Sylke Gruhnwald

Sylke Gruhnwald is editor-in-chief of the Swiss magazine Republik.

Crina Boros

Crina Boros is a London-based freelance data-driven investigative reporter and trainer.

Crina Boros

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