Sex before marriage is punishable by lashes and incarceration. Adultery even with the death penalty. And that is why promiscuous sexual behavior in Iran is the norm. Two journalists, with the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, made a captivating undercover report from the underbelly of Tehran.

Young people have no choice but to express their dissatisfaction behind closed doors. The government wants to continually interfere with the most intimate aspects of a person's life - partner choice, virginity for marriage and music choice - which has an opposite effect. "In Iran, our lives revolve around sex," says Mohsen, who was once part of one of Tehran's libertine circles at the risk of his own life.

Mohsens stories are confirmed in the capital. In full Ramadan, our journalists are being introduced into the Iranian dating scene, where young people talk freely about their nightlife and sex life and the many moral laws they deliberately violate. The danger is ubiquitous - not only are parties often broken up by the police, but 'unsafe sex' appears to be the rule rather than the exception. 

For security reasons we do not publish the names of the journalists.

A working grant of € 6.770 allocated in September 2014.


Orgies, alcohol en drugs: dit is de hete revolte van Teheran - De Morgen, 4/08/2017 (in Dutch)


Seks en drugs en Teheran - Interne Keuken (Radio 1) 


Vrouwen spelen kat en muis met moraalpolitie - De Tijd, 5/8/2016

Inside Iran's illegal parties, where every drink comes with the risk of a flogging - International Business Times, 8/9/2016 (IN ENGLISH)


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