GREECE - The cradle of democracy is sinking: today, 2.5 out of 10 million Greeks live below the poverty line, 3.8 million others flirt with it. Bruno Tersago, correspondent in Greece for the Belgian public broadcaster, gives the Greek crisis a face.

When the Belgian public broadcaster VRT or Dutch Radio 1 switches to 'Our man in Athens', Bruno Tersago often appears on stage. Tersago has lived in Greece since 2000. At that time it is a country with a solid future. But when in 2010 it turns out that the national debt is skyrocketing, everything changes. The IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission settle down and turn the country into a laboratory...

In this book, Bruno Tersago does not make large analyses. He picks up his stories from the street. They are never far-fetched or difficult to understand. They sketch a world that despises decency, feeds unscrupulousness, reshapes the labour market into a massacre, sends children to school with empty stomachs, makes old people commit suicide and spares a rich caste of oligarchs. But they also tell of resistance and hope for change. Greetings from Greece is an elongated sledgehammer blow that hurts and makes the coldest blood boil.

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Bruno Tersago

Bruno Tersago is a Belgian correspondent and author. He has lived in Greece since 2000.

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  • Title: Groeten uit Griekenland
  • Author: Bruno Tersago
  • Editor: EPO Uitgeverij
  • ISBN: 9789491297625
  • Pages: 240
  • Price: €20
  • Date of publication: 22/06/2015.

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