Aragón (Spain), Herefordshire (United Kingdom) and Lower Saxony (Germany) have become areas with a very high density of intensive farms. An international investigation reveals the dynamics behind the expansion and the pollution of rivers, aquifers and even tap water that it brought along. 

Pork production for export has been one Spain and Germany’s big economic successes in this first quarter of the century. Chicken is a keystone seller for Tesco, the British supermarket giant. Cheap meat allows for large profits, but its low-cost production model, based on reducing costs specially on transport, has implied unprecedented farm concentration. The areas where these farms have been established are no longer able to cope with the water damage caused by animal excrements. An international investigation led by DATADISTA and The Guardian, disseminated in collaboration with elDiario.es and counting on the financing by Journalismfund.eu, locates areas with very high concentration of intensive livestock farming, digs into how these territories were grabbed by the meat business, big supermarkets, and world's pork megaproducers and unveils the degree to which water resources have been already damaged.


Tom Levitt

Tom Levitt is a journalist and editor at the Guardian and former deputy editor at the Ecologist magazine.

Nicola Cutcher

Nicola Cutcher is an investigative journalist and filmmaker.

Robin Eveleigh

Robin Eveleigh is a freelance journalist based in Hay on Wye.

Ana Tudela

Ana Tudela is co-founder of DATADISTA. Investigative economic journalist specialized in new narrative.

Antonio Delgado

Antonio Delgado is co-founder of DATADISTA. Data Journalist specialized in interactive visualization and editorial innovation.

Holly Young

Holly Young is a Scottish investigative journalist focusing on the
environment, human rights and migration.

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