SANAA - Yemen already suffered from a high rate of birth defects and infant mortality before the war, due in part to intrafamily marriages and lack of family planning, but the hospitals we visited in three different provinces are adamant that there has been an unprecedented increase since the war. 

For this investigation, Mahmoud Elsobky visited hospitals and families in three different provinces in Yemen (Hoedidia, Sa'adah and Hajjah).

"My wife is pregnant again and I am afraid that this baby will also be deformed," says Maher.

"I feel sick and the doctor said I should get my pregnancy examined, but we don't even have the money for an ultrasound," says his wife. "'Only God can help,' the doctors say."

Team members

Mahmoud Elsobky

Mahmoud Elsobky is journalist/producer for the Belgian national broadcaster VRT and works as a freelance journalist for The Guardian and Al Jazeera English.

Mahmoud Elsobky
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