MYANMAR - What nobody expected happened anyway. The army in Myanmar (formerly Burma) initiated a transition that had to transform one of the world's oldest dictatorships into a democracy. After fifty years of repression, a new constitution was drawn up and democratic elections were held. Western diplomats and companies plunged directly into the reborn Southeast Asian nation.

But how democratic is the new Myanmar? Burmese spring. The aftermath of the dictatorship in Myanmar is an eyewitness account of this historic turning point and Myanmar's struggle with its repressive past. Hans Hulst spoke with virtually all those involved - from political prisoners to former Junta members - and recorded his experiences and encounters in an informative book that reads like an exciting travelogue.

€ 8.000 allocated on 31/05/2010.


  • Title: Birmese Lente (Burmese Spring)
  • Subtitle: De nadagen van de dictatuur in Myanmar (The aftermath of the dictatorship in Myanmar)
  • Author: Hans Hulst
  • Editor: Prometheus
  • Pages: 240
  • Price: €24,95
  • ISBN: 9789035141438
  • Date of publication: 3 July 2014


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