The Belgian Koen Carlier has a mission: he wants to bring all Jews in the world to Israel. With the support of Christians for Israel, he travels through Ukraine to help Jews return to Israel. Because only then will the Messiah come, says Koen ...

Koen is a member of the Dutch organization "Christians for Israel" that operates worldwide. From their head office in Nijkerk they encourage Jews worldwide to make 'aliyah', or to move to Israel. Not only from Ukraine, but also from India, Ethiopia, and ultimately also from New York and Amsterdam. Christians for Israel claims to have 'brought home' over 150,000 Jews in the past 20 years.

The documentary 'Bring the Jews home' tells a story about biblical exegesis and a large group of Dutch radical Christians who feel called upon to help fulfill biblical prophecies. The supporters, mainly devout Christians from the Dutch bible-belt, support the 'Bring the Jews Home' campaign generously. Christians for Israel has a million budget available for their operations. But do they act out of mercy or self-interest?


Team members

Arnold van Bruggen

Arnold van Bruggen is a documentary filmmaker and journalist at the Prospektor agency in Amsterdam, which he founded with Eefje Blankevoort.

€ 7.500, allocated in September 2014.



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