With financial support from the Fonds Pascal DecroosNick Meynen followed carbon credit money flowing from Belgium to India, where he discovered a desert full of mirages. Part from the fraud and abuse, he also noticed the difference in approach between Flanders and Belgium, the buyers of carbon credits.

Flanders complains about the hot air that others buy, but in a flawed system it clearly only tries to get its accounting right. Even with the more stringent criteria that the federal government has, the question remains: how sustainable is a policy that buys carbon credits in a market where more than half of what you buy is not purified, but hot air? An official who could not take it any longer, told that "the projects that really reduce emissions and the sustainable projects always fall out". This article provides examples of how we think we are tackling the climate problem today, including evidence of fraud. 

Team members

Nick Meynen

Nick Meynen is a freelance journalist with a specialization in South Asia. He generally publishes reports, analyzes and records on development, climate change and conflict

A working grant of € 3.880 euro allocated on 02/06/2009.

 Klimaatbeleid mist Doelmatigheid. De grote koolstoffraude - MO* december 2009 (in Dutch)


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