PALESTINE/COLOMBIA/IRAQ - In the three-part documentary series Amazons, Phara de Aguirre goes in search of women who take up arms. She investigates why the women who made the radical choice, what they hope to achieve and what the consequences are, for themselves and for their environment.

In the first episode Phara goes to Israel and Palestine, where a conflict for land has raged since 1948. She talks to Palestinian resistance fighters and women from the IDF, the Israeli army. In this way she hears both sides of the story from the mouths of several generations of militant women.

In Colombia Phara seeks out female rebels of the left-wing Farc (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). They have laid down their weapons after a peace agreement with the government. Now, together with Phara, they look back on 50 years of guerrilla struggle and prepare for reintegration into society.

For the third episode, Phara travels to Iraqi Kurdistan, where she meets Kurdish fighters who fought against IS on several fronts. Their struggle is far from over.

Team members

Nahid Shaikh

Nahid Shaikh is a Belgian documentary maker. 

Phara de Aguirre

Phara de Aguirre is a Belgian journalist.

€ 6.000 allocated on 14/11/16.

 TV (in Dutch)

  • Part I: Israël - Palestina,  Belgian national broadcaster VRT/Canvas, 20/02/2018.
  • Part II: Colombia,  Belgian national broadcaster VRT/Canvas, 27/02/2018.
  • Part III: Iraaks Koerdistan, Belgian national broadcaster VRT/Canvas 6/03/2018.

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