Google notifies media and information sites when an article is delinked from its search engine after a Right to be Forgotten request is approved. These notifications can reviewed, collected in a database, deleted or ignored. Which criteria does Google follow to accept or refuse a request?

A team of six reporters looked at the differences between countries and between Google Transparency report, controversies in delinked articles, future challenges of the Right to be forgotten and more.

The project is an ongoing initiative to collect data and report about issues related to the Right to be Forgotten, as well as to research more about its impact and processes.

Team members

Adrián Blanco

Adrián Blanco is a data journalist and intern at Washington Post graphics.

Marian Männi

Marian Männi is an Estonian investigative journalist and co-founder at fixers.press.

Markus Hametner

Markus Hametner is a Data Journalist in Austria.

Zoltán Sipos

Zoltán Sipos is a Hungarian journalist living in Romania.

Ana Isabel Carvalho

Ana Isabel Carvalho is designer and front-end developer at Journalism++

Ricardo Lafuente

Ricardo Lafuente is a Portuguees coder.

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