KATOWICE – This investigation looks at challenges and solutions of methane emissions reduction in Europe. Is it feasible, for example, to replace coking coal, a critical yet hard-to-replace resource for the steel industry? 

If Europe wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, it must prioritize reducing methane emissions, a greenhouse gas 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. It's not widely known that in the European power sector, the main source of methane emissions is coal mines, both active and abandoned. This significant issue is often overlooked, and the European Union's efforts to address it have been inadequate so far.

We documented how the largest emitters are managing—or failing to manage—methane emissions from coal mines. From the active mines in Poland to the abandoned ones in Romania, our investigation reveals Europe's current approach to this problem. What solutions are available to mitigate the climate impact of these elusive methane emissions? Our visual investigation aims to shed light on the challenges and potential strategies for addressing this critical environmental issue.

Photo: © Ronin.

Team members

Alfredo Bosco

Alfredo Bosco is an Italian documentary photographer.

Alfredo Bosco

Simone Fant

Simone Fant is an Italian multimedia journalist. 

Simona Fant multimedia journalist

Anca Maria Iosif

Anca Iosif is a freelance journalist based in Romania.

Anca Maria Iosif

Karl Mancini

Karl Mancini is an Italian documentary photographer who works in between Rome and Buenos Aires. 

Karl Mancini

Giacomo d’Orlando

Giacomo d’Orlando is an Italian documentary photographer who divides his time between Southeast Asia and Italy.

Giacomo d’Orlando
€33,470 allocated on 23/11/2023


  • 'La regione del carbone vittima di una trattazione ingiusta', Il Milimetro, No. 20, May 2024, pp.24-27


  • Italy
  • Poland

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