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Andrew Weir

Andrew Weir is Deputy Editor of the prestigious Africa-wide newsletter and website Africa Confidential. 

Ángel Varela Pena

Ángel Varela Pena is a Spain-based journalist and campaign manager.

Angela Gennaro

Angela Gennaro is an Italian journalist, videomaker and podcaster. 

Angelo Attanasio

Angelo Attanasio is a freelance journalist who mostly writes for newspapers and magazines in Spain, Italy and on an international level.

Ani Horvath

Ani Horvath is an investigative economics and political journalist working for English language publications internationally and actively advocating for the freedom of the press in Hungary.

Ankita Anand

Ankita Anand is an independent journalist based in Delhi, and also an editor with Unbias the News.

Ankita Anand

Ann-Sofie Dekeyser

Ann-Sofie Dekeyser (°1983) works as a freelance journalist.

Anna Luyten

Anna Luyten is a Belgian journalist working in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Anna Saraste

Anna Saraste is a Finnish television news producer with Deutsche Welle.

Anna Sosnowski

Annabell Van den Berghe

Annabell Van den Berghe (Belgium) studied Arabic language and has been working from Cairo since 2009. 

Anne Reijniers

Anne Reijniers is a Belgian filmmaker.

Anne Reijniers

Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder

Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder is a journalist and writer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Anne-Marie Cordia

Ann-Marie Cordia is a freelance journalist.

Anneke Verbraeken

Anneke Verbraeken is a Dutch investigative journalist, specialised in Great Lakes Region and French-speaking countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. 

Annemieke Hendriks

Annemieke Hendriks is a Dutch journalist living in Germany.


Annick Hus

Annick Hus (Belgium) as a freelancer for Verhalenmarkt and various media.

Annie van Gemert

Annie van Gemert specializes in interiors, portraits, and staged documentary photography.

Annika Joeres

Annika Joeres (1978) is a German journalist based in France.

Anoek Hofkens

Anoek Hofkens is an editor (online and TV) at the Dutch daily talk show Jinek.

Anoek Nuyens

Anoek Nuyens is a Dutch writer and theatre-maker. She is affiliated with Theater Frascati and Productiehuis Rotterdam.


The third journalist who worked on this collaborative project wishes to stay anonymous for security reasons, but is known to the Journalismfund.eu team.

Anonymous journalist

The second journalist who worked on this collaborative project wishes to stay anonymous but is known to the Journalismfund.eu team. 

Anrike Visser

Anrike Visser is the founder of Global Ground Media and former financial crime investigator at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.

Anrike Visser

Anthony Langat

Anthony Langat is a Kenyan freelance journalist whose work focuses on climate change, human rights, refugees, migration, security, health, and environment. 

Antolin Avezuela

Antolin Avezuela is a photojournalist, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Anton Septian

Anton Septian is the executive editor of Majalah Tempo magazine.

Anton Septian

Anton Shekhovtsov

Anton Shekhovtsov is a political scientist focusing on the European far right and Russian malign influence in Europe. 

Antonio Delgado

Antonio Delgado is co-founder of DATADISTA. Data Journalist specialized in interactive visualization and editorial innovation.

Antonio Villarreal

Antonio Villarreal is a Spanish freelance journalist based in Madrid.

Antonio Villarreal